Critical incident stress management training is provided for professional who experienced traumatic events in the past. Some of them are, but not just only intended to, law enforcement employees, emergency room staff, fire personnel, emergency medical professionals, psychologists as well as militaries. The different situation may lead to an individual to have incapability to develop their behavioral and emotional responses to a specific situation. As a result, critical incident stress management training is provided for each professional experiencing stress and strain during their working schedules, for them to deal with the different quandaries.

Actually, this methods are just intended for the professional experiencing stress, which can be used in any forms at anytime. This technique comes in two categories: supportive and intervention. Every training session includes guidance and support which is directed by the qualified well-trained mental health team. Lead group discussions, individual crisis interventions, and peer training are just among the programs included in the training.

Evaluations are also made as part of the stress management training, which considered to be an essential component for the professionals’ improvements in handling stress. The mental health team are the ones who educate the professionals in their training session and management of any critical events; this is because the mental health team had a lot of proficiency in any emergency dynamics and settings.

On the other hand, the major objective of critical incident stress management is for preventing or lessening upcoming problems like post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The programs are intended to be adaptable, as to gather the needs of professionals and leaders alike. Among them are emergency room staff, nursing staff, firefighter and police officers, and mental health staff like psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc.

A number of the techniques would include a one-on-one and family support, education, debriefing and group support. Also, critical incident stress management may include some sort of methods such as workshops on formal education, group therapy or handling traumatic stress professionals.

The teams in this program have a great desire that these alternatives will alleviate the Stress and strain mostly experienced by the professionals. The educated professionals are ready to assist in the support, supervise, and help in which these are so essential to be included in the critical incident stress management training.

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